The WaterStudio, located on a tranquil island in the Delaware River


An ecological oasis where the peace, beauty and power of nature is felt and preserved. The development and operation of the WaterStudio is guided by an ecological landscape Master Plan considering education, recreation cultural and research opportunities along with ecosystem management and resiliency.

To preserve ecological integrity there will be no foundations or cement. Buildings will not be permanent and most, if not all, will be yurts

About Yurts

Yurts are circular cone-like dwellings that have been in existence for over 2,500 years. Although lightweight, the yurt can withstand high winds because the conical shape deflects around the yurt while the interlocking lattice frame creates a flexible and strong structure. Yurts can be retrofitted to include all modern amenities.

Domed roofs
The views of the sky penetrating from the domed roof, and the yurt’s natural material, predominately wood and canvas, gives the yurt a natural and aesthetically pleasing feel that promotes a feeling of healing, creativity and spiritual awareness.

The yurts will sit on and be anchored by wooden platforms. The yurts may be removed for reuse and the platform removed for recycling.

Yurts can have all of the amenities of traditional construction. This includes electricity, plumbing, heating, fireplaces and more.