Hiking & Themed Nature Trails

Hiking Trail Legend

Once on the Island, guests experience the sounds and sights of nature when exploring hiking and themed nature trails.


Exhibits, venues and artwork are carefully nestled within the Island’s trees, meadows, lake shore and river shore where experts from all over the world entertain and educate the public about water in their own yurts. Also found along this whimsical trail are artisans selling and demonstrating their craft, with recognition of the role water plays in the products and processes used to make the craft.


Lenape Village in Bucks County PA.

Throughout this trail Lenni-Lenape tribal members tell the stories of the ways in which their life and culture changed when the Walloons, Dutch, Swedish and Quakers took possession of the Island.

As this circle-shaped trail progresses, European traders and settlers share stories of peace and conflict, the African slaves describe the plantation of the Wealthy Dutch Trader and life as New Jersey’s first slaves, Quakers describe why the Board of Island Managers was created to use the Island to benefit the education of Burlington children, Hessians describe how the Quakers used the Island during the Revolutionary War, children describe their experiences on the Island when it was a “picnic ground” and later an amusement park until two fires closed it down.

Glass beads from Dutch Traders House

Within the final portions of the trail, the Island itself describes how the fishery, quarry, summer cottage turned hippy community, radio station and the great clean-up of 2019, would change its form.

Throughout these presentations, there will be references to the water on and surrounding the Island as well as the artifacts found in the 1890s. The artifacts are currently held at the Peabody Museum of Harvard University in a collection named the Wealthy Dutch Trader’s House. The Island Waters Institute plans to securely display some of the artifacts.


Includes information about how natural resources have been used for healing, health promotion and improvement. It will be wheel chair/walker accessible and include brail and touch components for the sight impaired.


The Wellness Trail offers a variety of water-based treatments that sooth the body and soul. Guests may meander into one of the domed yurts for a wellness experience that teaches techniques for using elements of water in yoga, meditation with water, massage with water, tank treatment, and steam bathing with a dip into the lake.

Veteran, PTSD & Accessible Trails

There will be a trail Reserved for Veterans & Others Suffering from PTSD. This trail has wheel chair/walker accessible sections, spin off areas for sitting and meditation, yurt and indigenous dwellings. An additional trail with a smooth surface and brail signage will be open to the public.

Eagle Nature Trail

Offers an eagle and wildlife look-out observatory station. Along the trail there will be information about how water affects life on the Island.