Financial Plan


The development of the infrastructure and common areas supporting the WaterStudio will be funded by a combination of donations, grants/sponsorships and borrowed funds provided from Qualified 501(c)(3) Bonds.

A parking garage on the mainland in PA and the mainland in NJ may be funded by a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund Business owned in part by the Island Waters Institute.

Special venues will be funded by donations and sponsorships. Click Donations and Sponsorships for more information.

The non-permanently affixed dwellings housing the venues will be funded and owned by the owners of the venues. Click Water Exhibitor Info and Application for more information.


Bond debt service is self-supporting, funded by a priority payment from the entrance fees.

Operating expenses are also self-supporting, funded by entrance fees as well as lease income generated by artisans, restaurants and water-related vendors selling services and products.

Individual Water Exhibitors are responsible for the operations of their own exhibits.

Our Business Plan is available upon request and signing of an NDA. Contact us for more information.