The WaterStudio serves as a permanent water exhibition educating and entertaining the public about Water by providing organizations space to promote their respective water related causes in a natural setting designed to attract the public from all over the world. Participating
organizations will be our “Exhibition Partners”.

Our goal is to enhance public awareness of the value of water resulting in actions causing the restoration and conservation of Water.
Each Exhibition Partner will be responsible for the creation, construction, maintenance and operation of its venue or exhibit.

There will be a lease for the ground, but there will be NO rent. Electrical use will be billed. If feasible, the Exhibition Partners may build their own system for solar.

The Island Waters Institute provides:

  • Common area restrooms
  • Infrastructure including water fountains, trails, electricity
  • Security and hosting staff
  • Transportation to and from the Island for the staff of Exhibition Partners

The Island Waters Institute approves construction plans. No dwelling housing a venue can have a permanent foundation. Cement slabs, concrete blocks and steel beams will not be approved. Wooden platforms supporting yurts, indigenous or cabin-like dwellings are permitted. Exhibition Partners may construct their own restroom facility in accordance with specifications provided in the Master Plan to assure ecological standards are met. The Island Waters Institute can advise non-regional Exhibition Partners, regarding its hiring of operational staff and general management issues.

The Island Waters Institute will help by negotiating a good price with a recommended yurt manufacturer, recommending contractors, providing design advice and acquiring permits if necessary.

Exhibitor sites will be incorporated into the Master Plan, which when complete, will be made available to Exhibition Partners for site selection. Exhibitor sites will be designated in the order that applications are received. Selected sites must meet criteria based on size and type of venue.
Our plan is to open no later than May 2023.

Tours of the Island will be available beginning April 2021. We can also provide a presentation or question/answer session by conference call, zoom or at your office (if in US) or in Burlington City NJ or Bristol PA. To schedule, click Contact Us.


  1. Be an organization involved in water. An organization involved in water could be a not for profit that is working for a water cause (clean water etc.), an indigenous tribe or related organization routed in the sacredness of water, or a corporation selling water products promoting our mission (eco-water infrastructure, clean water devices etc.). If you are unsure if your organization qualifies, please click Contact Us and call or email your questions.
  2. Financial ability to construct, maintain and operate an approved venue.
  3. Propose educational and entertaining venue using tools that make learning fun. Possibilities include demonstrations, hands on participation, theatrical performances, video, music, sounds, art, and dance.
  4. Have a realistic plan for operating venue.

Fill out the Pre-application below to apply to become an exhibitorExhibition Possibilities