A magical sense of graciousness and wonder

Image is courtesy of Malgorzata Chodakowska

At The Water Studio, guests are immersed into the beauty and spirit of still and rushing water.  Along whimsical trails, guests view water in nature, exhibits and demonstrations found within charming domed yurts, masterpiece sculptural fountains and indigenous gardens. They may also experience the labyrinth filled with fountains and sprinklers designed to sooth and cool guests or enjoy swimming, kayaking and fishing in the spring-fed lake. They may shop for Native American and island made crafts, island spring water bottled in hand-blown glass or other water related products.

Image is courtesy of Malgorzata Chodakowska, sculptor, and is published with her permission

Island Access

Proposed Pontoon Ferry built by Sightseer Marine Products

Aerial Gondola

Planned for the lower channel in NJ where permitting is feasible.

Pontoon Ferry

Guests board in Bristol PA and Burlington NJ.Additional locations for boarding (including Philadelphia) are possible.

Exhibition Possibilities

  • Art   Masterpiece sculpture and paintings (permanent and on-loan) inspired by the qualities of water, will be integrated within the grounds.
  • Climate & Water Provides up to date information on how climate change is affecting water resources; current, planned and recommended plans to control and reduce climate change.
  • Delaware River Examines the river’s natural, scenic, historic and economic significance.
  • Delaware River & its Connections Teaches how the estuary, tributaries, streams, springs, ground water, and Atlantic Ocean and all other oceans, affect one another as well as the air and planet.
  • Drinking Water Teaches about water processing, storage and distribution systems, bottled water, well water and structured water.
  • Economics & Water Water as a limited essential commodity and its historic and current role in trade, war, peace and politics.
  • Extremes of Water:  Guests experience how water soothes and heals and are made aware of how it can also harm and kill.  Guests will come in contact with the beauty and spirit of still and rushing water.
  • Harvesting Water: Teaches how to capture and store rainfall and water captured from the air, to irrigate plants and supply water for people and animals.  Includes success stories and history of the technologies.
  • Healing with Water: Showcases the world’s healing waters, illustrates methods and practices for using water in the healing process.
  • Health, Hygiene & Water: How scarcity and lack of clean water affects hygiene and the health.  Includes areas in need and the work that is being done to address those needs.
  • Healthy Hydration: Teaches the science behind good hydration and offers strategies for healthy hydration of people, animals and plants.
  • Hunger & Water: How and where lack of water is affecting farming.
  • Hydro-electricity: Teaches how water is used for power while illustrating advantages and disadvantages.
  • Life & Water: Teaches how water makes life possible.
  • Mystery of Water: Showcases unique and unexplained properties of Water.
  • Plastic & Other Pollutants: Teaches about the affect plastic and other pollutants have on our oceans and other bodies of water.  Includes case studies and status of efforts to reverse the affects.
  • Professions of Water: Water as used in agriculture, nutrition, engineering, firefighting, health, urban planning, water production and products, recreation, tourism, weather, mining, and more.
  • Recreation & Water: Water used in recreation will include real time activity on the lake and in the river along with other demonstrations and presentations.
  • Restoration of water: How water is and can be made drinkable, pure and healed.
  • Sacredness of Water: Why and how water is sacred to Native Americans and other groups.
  • Scarcity of Water: Quantifies and assesses the impact of scarce water within community and world and offers solutions.
  • Sciences of Water: Water as explained in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, ecology, botany, oceanography, climatology, meteorology, geology/history, sociology and more.
  • Sounds of Water: Guests experience the sounds and feelings felt from the sounds of water.
  • Spirit and Water: Guests experience water’s calming effect on mood.
  • Structured Water: Learn about the research of Gerald Pollack, Victor Schauberger and others.
  • Transportation & Water:  Teaches the role of waterways for trade, communication, cultural exchange and migration over time.
  • War & Water: Analyzes the role water has played in conflict.